24 Mar 2017

Letter to Membership from the Board of Directors

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Dear Member,

Summer is quickly approaching, and the CRA Board of Directors and management team have been working through the off-season to get the facilities ready for your summertime enjoyment.  Please take the time to read this important membership mailer.

Carly Keating is returning as our In-Season Manager, and Dennis Laprad is continuing his service to CRA as our Off-Season Manager.  You may have heard that Barbara Miller, CRA’s long time Swim Team Head Coach, retired at the end of last year’s season.  The CRA Board of Directors and the Swim Team Committee are pleased to welcome Alexa Koch as our new Swim Team Head Coach.  Welcome Alexa!

There have been some changes to your Board of Directors during the past year too.

  • Kevin Carraway, Secretary
  • Jami Papakostas, Swim Team Chairperson
  • Jeff Trimble
  • Susannah Oates

Returning Board members include:

  • Keith Togna, President
  • Mark Waitkus, Vice President
  • Rudy Hull, Treasurer
  • David Ellena, Social Chairperson
  • Amy Pulling Martin, Membership Chairperson
  • Rich Bartilotti, Maintenance Chairperson
  • Amy Snow, Marketing Committee
  • Laura Colomb
  • Jen Acome

There are currently two open positions on the Board of Directors.  If you are interested in serving CRA as a Board Member, please email Keith Togna at crapoolpres@gmail.com

Last year at this time, we reported to you that the financial status of CRA was stressed.  We provided our plans for a 3-pronged approach to return CRA to a healthy financial status.  The plan included membership growth, cost and cash flow improvements, and a modest dues increase.  We are pleased to report that significant progress has been made in this area, and CRA’s financial status is now stable.  Our operating expenses are equal to our operating revenues.  We were able to save 100% of the monies received via new member initiation fees, and these funds can be invested to maintain and improve our aging facilities.

But our work is not complete.  We must continue to optimize operating costs, and grow our membership.  In recent years, the loss of existing members has been far greater than the addition of new members.  Going forward, our goal is to retain existing members while increasing the number of new members.  We will accomplish this by:

  1. Keeping annual dues increases to a minimum. We hope this will encourage existing members to remain active members and not allow their memberships to lapse.  For 2017, annual dues will remain the same as they were last year – $365.
  2. Lowering our new member initiation fee. We believe lowering our initiation fee will make joining CRA more affordable for young families.  We need more young families to join CRA.  They will be the ones that will remain active members for many years and ensure financial stability into the future.  For 2017, the new member initiation fee is $750.

Several key membership policies will remain the same and others will change in 2017.

  • Amnesty Program- this program will not be available.
  • Military Membership- this program will continue.
  • “Add-On” Member Fee- the fee for add-on members is increasing from $75 to $100 per add-on.  If you have add-on members included in your membership, this will be reflected in your dues invoice.
  • Guest Limit- the guest limit for each member unit will remain the same at 12.  The purpose of the guest limit is to ensure we maintain our tax-exempt status.  Our income from non-member activities (guests in this case) must remain below 15% of our total revenue from all sources.  The guest limit makes sure this happens, while providing all members a fair opportunity to bring guests to the facility.  We track this on a monthly basis and consider increasing the guest limit throughout the summer.
  • Guest Fees- these will remain the same.  $10 per guest if arrival is before 4pm and $5 per guest if arrival is after 4pm.  The $50, 10-guest pass will remain available for purchase.
  • Late Fee- this policy will remain the same.  Annual dues MUST be paid no later than May 1st.  A $50 late fee will be owed if dues payment is not received (post-marked) on or before May 1st.  There are no exceptions to this policy.  Please ensure you pay your membership dues on time.

Thank you for taking the time to read this membership letter.  Be sure to visit our website, chesterrec.org, for information on swim team, social events, and membership policies.  We look forward to seeing you at “the pool”.  Have a safe and enjoyable summer.


The CRA Board of Directors