28 Apr 2016

Guest and Private Party Fees

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GUESTS – Members are welcomed and encouraged to bring guests to the facility. Due to CRA’s non-profit, tax exempt status, guests visits are limited to 12 for each membership unit.

Daily guest fees and pre-paid pass options are as follows:

  • Daily Guest Rate: $10.00 (before 4:00pm, $5 after 4:00pm)
  • Pre-paid Quest Pass: $50.00 (good for 10 guests and is not limited by arrival time)
  • Out-of-Town Guest: Week-long guest passes may also be purchased at the pool office for out-of-town guests for a maximum of two weeks for the following rates:
    • Single guest – $7.00
    • Two guests – $12.00
    • Family – $20.00

PRIVATE PARTIES – Members wishing to host a private party within normal operating hours must submit an application to the pool manager.

  • Private Party Fee – $50.00 per event
    • Non-member Guest Fee – $5.00 per guest (CRA members who attend the party will not be subject to the $5 fee)

Click here to download PARTY APPLICATION